Thursday, 13 June 2013

eBooks and Ereaders

Queenspark School now has an ePlatform through which students and their families and staff can borrow eBooks. To access this service go our eBooks page and follow the instructions to register. We have a limited selection of books available at present but that will increase soon as I choose some more for this collection. Send me a comment with any recommendations. To go with this way to borrow eBooks we also have 10 eReaders available for students to borrow from the library - written parental permission to borrow these will be required.
It is great to be working with a new way to access reading materials.
Happy reading.
Mrs Silver-Hessey

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Red Rocks, Rachel King

This book was recommended by Miss Boyle. It is Red Rocks by Rachel King and is a finalist in this years NZ Post Children's Book Awards, voting closes today. It is set in Wellington, and is based on the Legends of the Selkie, seals that shed their skins and transform into people to come onto land. One of the Selkie's skin was found by a boy and taken away without him realising what it was. The story tells of his friendship with Jessie and Ted, the difficulties that having the Selkie skin cause for him and his father and how he deals with the consequences. 
A really good read 4/5.

Mrs Silver-Hessey