Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Unwanteds series - No: 5 -The Island of Shipwrecks, Lisa McMann

I have read all five of the books in this series and am looking forward to the next, (maybe the last?). The story is based around the people of the Island of Quill, where when you turn 12 you are assessed and it is decided whether you are a Wanted, a Necessary or you are an Unwanted. The Wanted go for further schooling at the Quill University, Necessaries train for those necessary jobs that need to be done and the Unwanteds are killed or are they? To be designated as Unwanted you have shown emotions and been seen to be creative. Not desirable characteristics on Quill. Book One tells of what happens to Alex and his twin brother Aaron, when it is found out what really happens to the Unwanteds. The other books continue to follow them as they grow up and learn about the other islands around them. There is magic and magical creatures, friends are made and lost, relationships develop, adventures occur.


Mrs Silver-Hessey

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