Monday 20 April 2020

Here is a video showing what is available in the National Geographic Kids database that is accessible via the - Research page. Great for just looking at fun facts and trivia - you never know where browsing this resource will lead you! Enjoy the books and magazines that are here.

Check out the Te Papa website for really cool jigsaws made from some of the art that they have there. You can choose how many pieces you want too! There are also quizzes, and videos from cool spots around NZ, as well you can virtually visit. Enjoy!.

This is a video showing the introduction to the periodic table activity from the Gale Interactive database accessed from the - Research page. Lots of other really fun things to do, check out dinosaurs skeletons, watch dissections, see what cells are made of, and lots of other science stuff.

Thursday 16 April 2020

The Year We Fell from Space, by Amy Sarig King

43319716. sy475 This was the first book that I have read by Amy and now I'm going to look for some of her others.
The Year We Fell from Space - is a very multi-layered story which I really liked. Without too much in the way of spoilers here is my overview. Liberty loves stars, she draws star maps from memory and then 'sees' constellations that are hers. The stars are something she did with her Dad. Now her parents are getting a divorce and Liberty feels as though she is falling, everything is going wrong - no more new constellations, she's being bullied at school, Dad doesn't see them when he says he will. This is the story of how Liberty and her family find their way back to earth.  It gave me 'feels'. 8/10 Ms Silver-Hessey

Monday 13 April 2020

Red Sky in the Morning, Elizabeth Laird

A wonderful story of a girl growing up with the extra depth that comes from facing adversity. In Anna's case the adversity is through having a brother born profoundly disabled and loving him deeply then losing him unexpectedly. The insightful clarity that these issues gives Anna about how other people she knows do what they do and even why she does what she does makes great reading as we follow along as Anna grows from girl to young adult.

Harry Potter at Home!

There is a new website with lots of great Harry Potter stuff happening during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can listen to The Philosopher's Stone for free! and a lot of other stuff check it out here -

Blokes vs Books

This is a promotion that is happening because of a survey from 2019 which showed a drop off in reading by blokes and boys and aims to encourage blokes to read again as well as the benefits of blokes reading to their kids/family.
Comment below if you're a bloke and like to read; what do you like to read? Or if you're a bloke who doesn't - why not?
There are more of these interviews available on You Tube, just search 'Blokes vs Books'.